Mugicha (Barley tea) — The tea of summer in Japan

Posted 9th September 2017

Mugicha (Barley tea) is one of the symbols of summer in Japan. It is refreshing to serve it cold in the hot summer. It’s also perfect to serve it hot in the cold days like the current Brighton. Nutrition benefits: According to Dr. Michael Kessler, Mugicha is beneficial to the human body in these aspects: […]

How Japanese cook Shirataki noodles (a.k.a Miracle/Zero noodles)

Posted 5th August 2017

Shirataki noodles (Miracle/Zero noodles), everyone is talking about it. The ultimate zero (nearly) calories noodles that perfect for carb-free diet. We have covered a bit it before: The super low carb, high fiber noodles & Shirataki noodles. And this time, we would like to introduce you how Japanese people usually serve them. You may be surprised […]

How much do you know about Nori (Toasted Seaweed)?

Posted 29th July 2017

Nori refers to toasted edible seaweed. It is very popular food around the globe and has been used in different traditional Japanese dishes. How much do you know about Nori? Nutrition value Nori has a really high nutrition value, here are a few key benefits listed below Nutrition Health Benefits Vitamin B12 Maintain healthy nerve, blood cells; Prevent […]

[Receipe] THREE natto receipes you never thought it exists

Posted 15th July 2017

Natto (fermented soybeans) as one of the traditional Japanese food has become very popular around the globe due to its rich nutrition value. To name a few, it contains vitamin K1, K2 and Nattokinase (regulate blood clotting, improve heart health, possess significant anti-carcinogenic qualities). Click here for more info. Traditionally, natto is served on its own […]

[Recipes] THREE perfect kanten (Agar) dishes for your summer party

Posted 8th July 2017

Want to have something new and refreshing for your summer party? Here we prepared 3 recipes for you to boost your party! They are all made with kanten (Agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin) and shockingly easy to make! Check them out right now! If you are looking for where to get kanten already, we have kanten powder […]

[Event] Japanese Calligraphy Workshop for free

Posted 24th June 2017

Once again Kantenya is holding a fantastic evnet for Japanese culture lovers and customers. This time we prepared Shodou (Japanese Calligraphy) workshop and a perfect chance for people to get into Japanese Calligraphy or Japanese writing Shodou(書道), as known as Japanese Calligraphy, is a traditional culture filled with ancient wisdom, as well as an elegant art in […]

Tips for preparing your Japanese tea out of tea bags

Posted 17th June 2017

Have you ever wonder why the tea taste not good as expected? It’s simply put the tea bag into a cup and pour some boiling water, right? How could it go wrong? It turns out things are not that simple. Let us share our tips for preparing tea out of tea bags. There are so […]

Our original VEGAN sushi and bento

Posted 16th June 2017

        We provide a variety of deliciously prepared food for our customer and part of them are designed for vegetarian and vegan. We are proud to introduce our original creation — vegan sushi and vegan bento.         There are 2 kinds of vegan sushi: ‘Hove rolls’ and ‘Mixed sushi’. Hove […]

The super low carb, high fiber noodles — Shirataki noodles

Posted 9th June 2017

Are you on a carb-free diet? Time to put Shirataki noodles in your list. According to Dr. Mercola, it is a low net carb food, containing about 97 percent water and 3 percent fiber, zero calories, and no digestible carbs. They’re long, white, and translucent noodles. sometimes referred to as konjac noodles or miracle noodles. They’re […]

Have you tried Mixed grain on rice?


Rice is a really core element in Asian food culture since it contains so much carbs to support our daily lives. This culture spreads all around the world including the UK in the past decade. While you are enjoying you plain rice with your favorite dishes, have you ever tried mixing other mixed grain with […]