Our original VEGAN sushi and bento

Posted 16th June 2017





We provide a variety of deliciously prepared food for our customer and part of them are designed for vegetarian and vegan. We are proud to introduce our original creation — vegan sushi and vegan bento.





There are 2 kinds of vegan sushi: ‘Hove rolls’ and ‘Mixed sushi’.

Hove rolls are sushi rolls with pickled ginger, cabbage, tempura french beans, and mayonnaise.

Mixed sushi contains inari sushi (deep-fried tofu ‘pockets’), pepper sushi, pickled cucumber and vegan rolls.

They both delivers a fresh and delicious taste. They are both priced only £3.99!

We also provide a vegan version of ‘Katte Bento’. The bento features a range of vegan-friendly dishes: Pumpkin Croquettes, Vegan-friendly Spring roll, tempura fine beans, vegetarian gyoza, ‘vegetarian yakitori’ (made with soya bean), potato salad. The dishes are served with Japanese sushi rice topping with shiso (perilla) and edamame. This perfect combination delivers a sense of fulfilling and only priced £5.00!