[Receipe] THREE natto receipes you never thought it exists

Posted 15th July 2017

Natto (fermented soybeans) as one of the traditional Japanese food has become very popular around the globe due to its rich nutrition value. To name a few, it contains vitamin K1, K2 and Nattokinase (regulate blood clotting, improve heart health, possess significant anti-carcinogenic qualities). Click here for more info.

Traditionally, natto is served on its own or with plain rice. However, not everyone can get used to its strong smell and taste. Therefore, we found 3 creative natto recipes for you that make it easier to put in the mouth!


Traditional ways to serve natto



Natto, Tuna on Avocado

Ingredients (For 2 pc)

Natto 1 pack
Tuna Sashimi 50 grams
Avocado 1
Spring Onion 1
Wasabi paste Appropiate
Soy Sauce Appropiate


  1. Cut the avocado in half and take out the seed
  2. Slice the avocado pulp in cubes
    • Make it easier to eat with a spoon
    • Allow soy sauce and wasabi to get in the gaps
  3. Mix the natto with the sauce it provides and put it on top of the avocado
  4. Slice the tuna into small cubes and put it on top of the natto
  5. Slice the spring onion into small rings and put it on top of the tuna
  6. Finally, add soy sauce and wasabi on top of it

Source (Japanese): http://www.recipe-blog.jp/special/nebaneba/butyou/


Baked rice with Natto & Kimchi

Ingredients (For 1)

Natto 1 pack
Rice ~75gram
Kimichi Appropiate
La Yu (Chili oil) 1 spoon
Mozzarella cheese Appropiate
Dried Parsley Appropiate
  1. Cook the rice into steam rice
  2. Mix Natto with the sauce it comes with as well as the La Yu
  3. Put the steam rice in a container, then layer with kimchi and natto
  4. Layer the cheese to cover all ingredients
  5. Put in a preheated oven (180 °C) and bake for 35 to 40 minutes
  6. Finally, put the dried parsley on top

Source (Japanese): https://cookpad.com/recipe/1851313


Natto Spring Roll

Ingredients (For 10 pc)

Natto 3 packs
Spring roll sheet 10 sheets
Spring onion 5 pc
Sliced cheese 2.5 slices
Flour ~15ml
Water ~15ml
  1. Slice the spring onion into small rings
  2. Slice the sliced cheese in quarters (4 rectangles per slice)
  3. Mix the natto with the sauce it comes with as well as the sliced spring onion
  4. Mix the flour with the water (Used for ‘gluing’ the spring sheets together)
  5. Put the sliced cheese (From 2) on the Spring roll sheet
    • Tip: Put it near the edge of the sheet closest to yourself
  6. Put the mixed natto (From 3) on the cheese
  7. Roll it the sheet and put the flour water (From 4) at the end of the sheet to ‘glue’ them together
  8. Deep fry it in oil until the skin turns to gold/brown

Source (Japanese): https://cookpad.com/recipe/4610625