[Recipes] THREE perfect kanten (Agar) dishes for your summer party

Posted 8th July 2017

Want to have something new and refreshing for your summer party? Here we prepared 3 recipes for you to boost your party! They are all made with kanten (Agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin) and shockingly easy to make! Check them out right now!

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Diagonally layered Kanten Jelly (Orange Juice and Milk)

Ingredients: (For 3 portions)

Orange Juice 200cc
Milk 200cc
Kanten(Agar) powder 5g
Table Sugar 2 spoons
Orange 1



  1. Heat orange juice on a stove with medium heat
  2. Pour the kanten powder into the orange juice and wait for it to be melted
  3. Turn off the stove once it starts boiling
  4. Cool the orange juice with ice water to get rid of the excess heat
  5. Pour the orange juice into glasses or other containers
  6. Place the orange juice in the freezer diagonally and wait until they become solid
    • Tip: You can hold the glasses with a big container
  7. Once they have become solid, we can start preparing the milk
  8. Heat the milk on a stove with medium heat
  9. Pour 2 grams of kanten powder into the milk and wait for it to be melted
  10. Turn off the stove once it starts boiling
  11. Cool the milk with ice water to get rid of the excess heat
  12. Pour the milk on top of the orange juice jelly
  13. Place them in the freezer and wait until they become solid
  14. Finally, slice some orange for decoration

Source (Japanese): https://cookpad.com/recipe/3825490



Sakura Mizu shingen mochi (a.k.a water drop cake)

Ingredients: (For 8-10, differ depending the mold size)
Water 250ml
Kanten(Agar) powder 8g
Table Sugar 2 spoons
Pickled Sakura Flowers 8-10
*You can substitute the sakura flowers with other things (e.g. strawberries)You will need
*You will need a sphere/half-sphere mold for this


  1. Soak the pickled sakura flowers to remove the salt.
  2. Pat dry with kitchen paper napkins.
  3. Place the flowers in the molds.
  4. Add agar powder and sugar in a small pot
  5. Pour in the water in 2-3 parts and whisk gently until there are no clumps of sugar or agar powder
  6. Bring to boil and simmer for 2-3mins. All this time, gently mixing.
    •  Tip: do not whisk too hard at this point as it may introduce too much bubbles into the mixture.
  7. Remove from heat and pour into round molds. The heat from the agar mixture will open up the flower petals.
  8. Using the toothpicks or wooden skewers, you can gently adjust the position of the flowers to center them or spread open the petals if necessary.
  9. Chill for 3 hours.
  10. Remove the water mochi from the jelly mold and serve with kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup) and kinako (roast soybean powder).
    • Tip: To remove the water mochi, I use a toothpick, wet it slightly and gently glide it around the sides before gently removing them.
  11. Note that these water mochi could melt after some 30-45mins at room temperature, so best to serve them fresh or keep chilled until required.

Source (English): http://littlemissbento.com/2016/04/recipe-sakura-mizu-shingen-mochi/


Tomato Kanten Cubes

Ingredients: (For 4 servings)

Tomato Juice 400cc
Water 200cc
Kanten(Agar) powder* 4g

*You can also use 8 grams of kanten thread


  1. Heat tomtato juice on a stove for 5 minutes
  2. Melt the kanten powder into 200cc water
  3. Mix the tomato juice with the water (from step 2)
  4. Pour the mixtures into mold (e.g. ice cube mold)
    • You can also add sweetener or lemon in this step
  5. Put them into freezer for around 30 minutes
  6. Done!

Source (Japanese): http://www.kanten.or.jp/recipe/2013/06/post-18.html

Tomato cubes could be served on its own as desserts, or mix with salad like below: