Tips for preparing your Japanese tea out of tea bags

Posted 17th June 2017

Have you ever wonder why the tea taste not good as expected? It’s simply put the tea bag into a cup and pour some boiling water, right? How could it go wrong? It turns out things are not that simple. Let us share our tips for preparing tea out of tea bags.

There are so many factors affect the taste of the tea, including the tea leaf quality, water quality, temperature, duration of infusion (length of time to soak the tea bag), times of infusion, material of the teapot, etc. (Visit here for further information). We are going to simplify things for you by listing the recommended procedure of preparing Sencha (Green tea) and Genmaicha(Roasted Rice with Green Tea):

  1. Put the teabag into a teapot (Glass or earthenware is recommended for the material)
  2. For the First infusion, pour water around 60°C into the teapot
  3. Infuse (Let it sit) for 3 to 5 minutes
    • Tea from the first infusion should taste sweet with fantastic flavor
    • The longer the infusion the richer the tea tastes
  4. For the Second infusion, pour water around 70 – 80 °C into the teapot (same tea bag)
  5. Infuse (Let it sit) for 1 to 2 minutes
    • Tea from the second infusion should taste less favorable than the last infusion
  6. For the Third infusion, pour boiling water into the teapot
  7. Infuse (Let it sit) for around 1 minute
    • Tea from the third infusion should taste bitter

Hope this guide could enhance your enjoyment on teas.