Have you tried Mixed grain on rice?

Posted 9th June 2017

Rice is a really core element in Asian food culture since it contains so much carbs to support our daily lives. This culture spreads all around the world including the UK in the past decade.

While you are enjoying you plain rice with your favorite dishes, have you ever tried mixing other mixed grain with the rice? The trend of  mixing plain rice with other grains is growing really fast in asian countries like Japan and China. It is known as a much healthier choice since it contains various nutritions (including fibre, calcium, protein, etc.) than plain rice. We would highly recommend you to have a try!

All you need to do is simply put an appropiate portion with rice into rice cooker. The one we are selling contains 2 packs of 25 grams of 16 different kinds of grains. Each pack is the portion for 2 to 3 cup of rice. It’s now only £2.31. What are you waiting for? Come to Kantenya and start your new healthy way to serve rice!