Seaweed – naturally nutritious vegetable

Posted 20th December 2016


It is said that seaweed has a natural defense to bacteria and damage to itself it is able to repair its injured parts and protect itself from drying and this is because it makes “fucoidan” which is contained in the seaweed

Fucoidan is also very good at protecting you from cancer and is known to be good for the skin. Seaweed also filters out lots of nutrients from the sea water and stores it in the plant itself there are more nutrients and essential trace elements like calcium, iron, and magnesium, amino acids, peptides then in food grown on land it also contains monosaccharides and contains good easily digested fibre and helps to protect the skin from the effects of the sun

The recipes are very simple.

To Prepare

Get a bowl of hot water and add around 1 to 2 gram of mekabu to the water and stair it gently the longer it is left in the hot water the softer the mekabu will become so you can chose how soft you like it (you can also add tofu, veg, and herbs if you like.) And enjoy!